Plenary meeting

The plenary meeting takes place at the beginning of each semester and is called by the president of the plenary meeting. All residents elect the representatives for the offices and departments. They discuss the various semester-activities as well as other issues to do with life in the hall.


They represent not only the interests of the people against the administration or the sponsoring organization, but also act as a contact for the residents, if there are questions or problems within the house. Together with the procurator and the administration, they decide who gets a room in the dorm (Admissions Committee). They also coordinate several semesters activities or launch initiatives to make our home more beautiful, better and more comfortable. More

Board of trustees

The board of trustees determines the rules for the hall’s well-keeping and deliberates over the budget. The board consists of the HSV, the administration, the procurator, and a member of the association.


The administration consists of Mrs. Markovs and Mrs. Kunze-Boysen. They look after the hall’s and the residents’ various needs and can be found in the office from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 12 pm.


In the plenary meeting the residents do not only elect the members of the collegiate self-administration but also the offices and departments. Within the bounds of the departments you can put all your energy and creativity into the organisation of hall life. It is really fun! You get to know a lot of people and do something really valuable for your housemates.

At the moment the hall is made up of the following departments:

Bar team
Table tennis
Fitness room:
President of the plenary meeting
Semester party