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The attractiveness of the Christophorus-Haus is based on the fact that the residents have a say in the hall’s development. For example they can motivate investments as well as posses voting rights in the association’s committees. There, the residents are represented by the collegiate self-administration (studentische Heimselbstverwaltung, HSV).

The HSV consists of five residents, who are elected in the “Vollversammlung” (plenary meeting) at the beginning of each semester. They not only represent the residents’ interests vis-à-vis the administration and the association, but act as well as points of contact for the residents if they have questions or problems concerning the hall. In cooperation with the “Procurator” and the administration they decide who gets accommodation (“Aufnahmeausschuss”). Furthermore, they organize several semester-activities and start their own initiatives in order to make our hall even nicer, better, and more comfortable.

The Collegiate self-administration can be reached via and will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Ideally, each of the hall’s four corridors delegates someone to the HSV. The members of the HSV can announce a spokesperson on their corridor to support the HSV’s work and to regulate how the hall’s kitchens be kept in order.