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Room description

The students’ hall has 145 furnished single rooms from 9 m2 up to 14 m2. The furnishings consist of a bed, a writing desk with a chair, a dresser, a wardrobe and a bookshelf. Furthermore each room has a wash basin, central heating as well as access to telephone, internet, and TV.

To use the telephone access you must close a contract with the provider before.

To use the internet you need a network cable (RJ-45 Ethernet). A connection via Wi-Fi for up to five devices, including all devices connected via Ethernet, is possible.

Each resident has their own letterbox in the entrance to courtyard of house no. 74. Parcels are delivered to the office and can be collected there.

Beyond that, the following community facilities are at everyone’s disposal:

Kitchen and bathroom
The kitchens and bath rooms are used by the residents of the corridor and are cleaned periodically by the cleaning staff. In the kitchens dishes are at everyone’s disposal. Each resident of the corresponding corridor has their own cabinet which they can lock up, as well as a section in the refrigerator and in the freezer.
Washing machine
Altogether you can find 4 washing machines in both houses – called Wischi, Waschi, Woschi and Wuschi – as well as 2 dryers – called Dry Shirt and Dry Sock. You can buy token coins for the washing machine and the dryer either in the office or the representative of the department. But most washing machines work with 50-cent coins that everyone has to collect on their own.
Bicycle storage room
For parking bicycles – very practical here in the flat North – there are several bicycle storage rooms as well as sheltered bicycle racks.
Fitness room
At the request and with the help of the residents a fitness room was installed, which is used frequently.
Cardio area
Since 2015 there is a cardio area with a cross trainer and a rowing machine next to the fitness room.
TV- und Party room
You can find a large TV in the party room. This room can be used by all residents for private parties and is at these times alone not used as a common room.

IMG_9554 IMG_9557

In 2007 the library was restructured. Now there are ten sections where you can work or read without any interruptions. Diverse daily and weekly newspapers and magazines are open to inspection. Also a WLAN-access is installed and a stationary computer is available too.


We have a communal printer, where each resident can print for 5ct/page.
Yes, we also have a billiard table. Like the library it is placed in the cellar of house no. 80.
The ping-pong-room is in the cellar of house no. 74 and can also be used for beer pong.
Music rooms
Six music rooms are placed in the cellar of house no. 74 and are at the disposal of all residents who play an instrument and like to practice extensively.


The hall in house no. 74 is often used for the semiannually house-concert, movie nights, semester parties and other special occasions.

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